Friday, October 9, 2015

Rose Brooch Pattern

Here's the Rose Brooch Pattern that was featured in the 23rd issue of Kindred Stitches Magazine.

It is available for sale on etsy and ravelry.


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ideas for Empty Corners


At home, redecorating, we tore down a wall to make our living room bigger thus not gaining only space but empty corners too. We've already filled them with an armchair for me and a small table beside it {where I can work to my hearts content}  on one side and the bookcases I wrote about  here- on the other side. I hope I'll be able to show my filled corners in a future post.

Here are some ideal solutions I found at the time of how to fill those empty corners.

Above pictures show a decorated table / small office and displaying musical instruments as art and an armchair thus making this a cozy music corner.


Maximize and beautify empty corners by filling them with corner shelves displaying books, decorations, toys... perfect for a nursery.


Placing a chair with light fixtures or a swing sounds like a good idea too.

Or simply place a table and decorate it.


Monday, October 5, 2015

Sew a Fringed Scarf - DIY project


Happy Monday everyone!

Today I am going to show you how to sew an amazingly easy fringed scarf. If you don't sew or feel a bit lazy to make it from scratch, you can refashion an existing scarf by just adding the lace(y) fringes.

For this project you need:

A thin preferably cotton fabric ( I had 1.5 m)
Lace border / trim with (seemingly) free / loose fringes (similar to mine)

Step 1:

Fold the fabric in half with the face inside and draw a long straight line (these are the ends) and then gradually make it slop downwards to the end, that is to say - make it wider (this is the center of the scarf). Remember to add seam allowance.

Step 2:

Cut it out.

Step 3:

Sew it all around. You can combine this and step 4, but I decided to do them separately.

Step 4:

Pin the trim and topstitch it. 

Step 5:

Fold the trim a tiny bit at the center while sewing so it follows the design of the scarf.

And the scarf is done.

Now for the final touch.

This is the scarf with the fringes - if I can call them that - intact/ as are.

Since I wanted a more playful, flowing look, I cut them loose
 like this

And I got this look.

I hope you like it!
If you decide to make it, I would love if you write and let me see it.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Tribal Necklaces - a crochet project

Fresh  out of the crochet kiln, my latest collection of necklaces I named Indian summer. I played with colors and tried to capture the ever-amazing palette nature uses this time of year to paint Earth.

I am in the process of beading some of these and so far I like how they look. More coming soon.

Have a lovely weekend and I'll be seeing you on Monday!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hello October!

It feels as if I wished you a happy September just a week ago, but the calendar shows it right. Can't believe how fast October came and I know time will continue slipping through.
At home I've taken our fall decorations - mostly pine cones - the leaves on the trees are still green, but when they start to fall down, I am eager to collect some to make a wreath.
Besides using fruits of nature as home décor, I also use them incorporate into my jewelries.

Fir Brooch and Ring

Fir Cone Gift Wrapping

and on another note

Melon Seed Necklaces

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Embroidered Clothes Inspiraton


Embroidered kid's coat

 As a kid I spent a lot of time stitching rather than crocheting - my mother was always working on decorative tablecloths or her gobelins. She bought me printed images of baskets of flowers or animal -themed pillows to work on and I was hooked.

I still love when once in a while  I can detach myself from crochet and do an embroidery project - like this and this for example. I haven't attempted complicated and elaborate projects like these fabulous clothes presented here, but it is a challenge I am willing to take.

Enjoy the selection. At the end of the post I am sharing some of my older posts regarding embroidery.

Embroidered clothes


Monday, September 28, 2015

DIY Romantic Fabric Brooch


 Hi ladies (and gents?)! Happy start of the week!

I needed a white brooch for one of my shirts, so decided to play with my fabric and make something pleasing to the eye and effective as an accessory.

This is a project you are going to love because it is so easy you can literally make it in less than 15 minutes and it also qualifies for a fabulous last minute gift.

Gather your supplies.
1. You will need: different fabric - I had 4 pieces (cut out squares that could be fold at least once) including gauze, tulle, sateen and taffeta. Lace or sateen ribbon, pearls, cut out cardboard flower. Not shown but needed -  sewing thread and needle and a pin. And a marker to copy the flower onto the fabric.
2. Fold all the pieces and lay one on top of the other.
3. Place the flower in the middle and copy it.
4. Pin in several places before cutting.

5. Cut the flower.
6 - 7. Rearrange the fabric so there is a layer of each different fabric. 
8. Fold at the center as shown to make those petals raise a bit and give dimension to the flower.


9. Pin that fold to secure it.
10. Thread the needle and sew to center.
11. Add beads / pearls at the center.
12. Collect and arrange the ribbons.

13. Bead the pearls and sew together with the ribbons...
14. ... and onto the back of the brooch.
15. Lastly, sew the pin.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!
Thank you for being here!

Friday, September 25, 2015

10 Ideas for Styling Bookcases


Yesterday our bookcases arrived. We had them custom made after deciding to relocate the previous book cabinet - which now serves as my fabric stash cabinet.
We have a lot of books and they can be found in almost every room of the house, but I wanted the main "small" library to be in the living room, so I left most of the books to be placed there. I searched the internet for some ideas how to style bookcases and added tons of pictures in a folder on my lap top - I recommend you check the links - there are some fantastic ideas and advices how to best style them .